An Interview with Jack Lemoine

Author’s Notes: Jack is eleven years old, and is a major character in the Julu series. A prophecy exists stating Jack will be the one to save Jirvania. Until a few short months ago, Jack lived a ‘normal’ life with his family on Mason’s Island, Mystic Connecticut – until finding an opal dragon egg turned his life upside down…

Jan: The first thing I’d like to say is thank you. Thank you for saving Jirvania.

Jack: Uh, I haven’t saved anything yet.

Jan: I believe in you. And I kind of have a hunch you will.

Jack: Okay, thanks, I think. Actually I wanted to thank you. 

Jan: Really?

Jack: Uh, huh. Yeah, thanks for bringing my old history professor, Mr. Williams into the story. He was an awesome teacher. Still is, but I don’t go to school there anymore. Which is kind of cool. I’m still learning heaps every day.

Jack and Mia riding Julu, the opal dragon

Jan: My pleasure. So, Jack, are you enjoying your story so far?

Jack: It’s pretty cool. I never imagined I’d be flying around on a dragon, that’s for sure. 

Jan: Can you tell us a little more about Jirvania? I know you go there. What’s The Great Library like?

Jack: I don’t know where to begin. It’s incredible, amazing and, well, a lot of fun! Mia and I have been visiting lots of different stories but I think what I like best is when the authors and their characters come to the Reading Room to sit and visit. I had a hot chocolate with Oliver Twist yesterday and did he ever have some stories to tell.

Jan: I believe it. If I could visit, I’d love to have a chat with Abraham Lincoln. Oh, and I would just love to go for a walk up the mountain with Heidi and see her friend, Peter and all those goats.

Jack: So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Jan: Seriously?

Jack: Do I look like I’m kidding? Well, they might be. Did you know baby goats are called kids?

Jan: I did, actually. Used to milk goats. A lot of goats.

Jack: Look, there’s Julu. She’s waiting to take us there.

Jan: This interview will be continued at a later date. Jack and I are going to visit Heidi and then Jack’s going to show me around The Great Library. Bye!

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