Book Review – Korrigan by Rebecca F. Kenney


Korrigan by Rebecca F. Kenney

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Korrigan (Secrets of the Fae) is a fabulous tale of old lore fantasy woven in a setting of today’s world. Young Aislinn is caught up in the horror of her heritage as part Korrigan, part human. There is an answer to her dilemma that keeps her a prisoner, but not one that comes easily or without a price Aislinn is not sure she’s willing to pay. This dark fantasy brings to life a treasure chest of mythical creatures, living secretly among us in our world. I appreciated the development of the characters which kept me connected to the story. Even the villain (and he indeed was a wicked creature in so many ways) was impossible to hate, due to his depth of character and the redeeming qualities glimpsed. It was actually easier to dislike Aislinn’s ‘family’ members who were also caught in the impossible bind that dark magic creates by its very existence. Aislinn herself is a strong female character, and it took only two pages into the story before I just had to know what happened to her.
The plot keeps you on your toes, twisting and turning in unexpected directions. The narration by two of the significant characters helps bring a smoothness and understanding to the story. Zane, a human teenager becomes caught up in a world he never imagined existed, and a love triangle that he can’t hope to survive without some incredible twist of fate. I loved Zane’s family too, a tribute to the author who managed to give these minor characters depth and life of their own.
I recommend this book for anyone who loves a darker fantasy story with well-developed characters and a fabulous plot. Perhaps it’s my Irish ancestry, but I found the references to Irish mythology and creatures of magic just fascinating. Korrigan is the first in a series, and I will be buying and reading the next two books asap. (see below)

Book Two in Secrets of the Fae by Rebecca F. Kenney
Book Three in Secrets of the Fae by Rebecca F. Kenny

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