Are You Smarter Than A Virus?

March 20th 2020

Are You Smarter Than A Virus?

You have to be smart. The easy days are over.Robert Kiyosaki

If you’re not an ‘essential worker’ chances are the government will soon ask you not to go to work. To stay home. If you have one, of course.

Turn on the news and you’ll hear talk about the ‘homeless’ people and what will happen to them if they’re exposed to Covid-19.

They might be more likely not to catch it. We the people often give homeless people a wide berth. The ‘experts’ are suggesting we stay at least ten feet away from each other. I hope they will give the homeless people the same opportunity to receive treatment as the rest of us if they need treatment.

They’re not stupid. They’re homeless. They will seek help if they need it, but if they don’t and you see the need, step up and help. From a safe distance. Ten feet is safe. Use your phone and make a call.

I wish it didn’t take a global crisis like this to direct our attention to why in the name of humanity there even exists such a condition as being homeless. But I digress.

Covid-19 doesn’t care if you live in a grass hut, a trailer, a deluxe mansion or an average home. It wants your cells so it can propagate and continue its own existence. It doesn’t care if it kills you, and it doesn’t care if it doesn’t kill you. Once you have served its purpose, it moves on to its next host.

That’s why we are being asked to socially isolate. Stay at home. We have to break this cycle. We have to stop exposing this microscopic virus to new hosts. 

If you have a home to stay in, please consider yourself one of the lucky ones. 

We have never been in a better position to handle this ‘social isolation’ in the history of our planet. We have a global social network. We have smart televisions. We can FaceTime. We can video chat. We can contact people thousands of miles away in seconds.

Come on, people!

This isn’t forever. 

Is it inconvenient?

It is.


You bet. 

But we didn’t become the incredible species we are by being inflexible and not able to adapt and change. 

Forget being smarter than a fifth grader. Let’s be smarter than this virus. 

We can stop it in its tracks by starving it of the opportunity to spread. 

All we have to do is stay away from each other for a while. 

I’m not downplaying the potential effects this shutdown of our countries will have on our economies. I am putting the value of human life above the value of the almighty dollar. There are many actions that can be taken to restore our economy. 

Nothing will bring back loved ones who die of this virus.

Here are some suggestions for those of you stuck at home.

Learn a new skill. There are thousands to choose from. 

Pull out that old ____ and use it. 

Read a good book. 


Play games on your phone.

Play cards with your family. 

Dig out the old board games.

Deep clean your house.

Clean out that attic or spare room you’ve been meaning to get to.

Plant a garden (if you have a yard). 

Make something.

Call a friend.

Count your blessings. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write out all the things you have to be grateful for. You might surprise yourself.

Visit a museum online.

Explore the internet.

Write a letter. Don’t know anyone to write to? How about a soldier? A prisoner? 

Donate money to the Red Cross or to any other worthy cause. Worried about money? Just give a dollar or two. You would have spent it on a coffee going to work anyway, right? Imagine if we gave two dollars … what a difference we could make.

Plan your next vacation.

This isolation will not last forever. 

Imagine all the people going out into a new world, where Covid-19 no longer rules or controls our lives. We can do this. 

Be smart.

Be kind to others. 

We, the People of the World, can defeat this tiny enemy.

We are smarter than a virus.

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