A Silver Lining to Covid-19

My daily rambling about the current world-wide crisis – the battle against Covid 19 aka Novel Corona Virus.

I Didn’t Sign Up For This.
A Covid-19 Blog 
Chapter 4
A Silver Lining to Covid-19

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.Helen Keller.

We’ve seen it before. When terrorists attacked our country on 9/11, people pulled together here in the United States. For a brief time, we were not Democrats, Republicans or Independents. We were all Americans. 

This time it’s not our country. It’s the entire world. Every human being on the planet is vulnerable. 

For today, I want to focus on a few of the positive things happening in the face of this terrible threat.


A huge shout out of thanks to 20-year-old Liam Elkind, a junior at Yale University. This outstanding young man has started a volunteer grocery delivery service, called “Invisible Hands.”  He and some of his friends are now providing this service to elderly people, so they won’t have to go to the store. Not only will this help relieve the nervousness of the elderly community, but it will save lives. By not going out for essential needs, they won’t expose themselves to this contagious virus.

Closer to home, University of Dubuque students have been “caught-doing-good” by providing a similar service to elderly residents in their community. 

A co-worker of mine spent her day off taking care of the children of one of her friends who works in a hospital after the daycare closed. Thankfully, DayCare facilities are now being directed to give workers in the health care industry top priority for childcare spots during this crisis.


Okay, I admit, I don’t have money invested in the stock market except for my 401K (and I’m pretending I don’t care about that right now). But how cool is this? By our forced self-isolation we might buy our planet some time. 

NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide) levels are dropping everywhere. Changes in these levels over northern Italy are even more clear, Smoke from the thick cluster of factories get trapped against the Alps at the end of the Po Valley. As a result, this area is usually one of western Europe’s pollution hotspots. Italy entered lockdown on March 9th, 2020. Since then the pollutant levels of NO2 in Northern Italy have fallen almost 40%.

They shut industrial areas down, and road traffic is considerably lighter. 

This is happening all over the world, and I love it. Not because of why it’s happening, but because it gives me hope.

We hear the warnings of global warming. Time is running out to reverse our course and avoid doing permanent damage to our planet and our lives. And it’s been this easy all along? All we have to do is stop emitting so many pollutants into our air and look how fast we can turn this around. Geeze. Wish someone would come up with a way to do that, like electric cars or something. Oh, wait a second. They already did!

All joking aside, and may I say, I really want a Tesla. I want to do my part. My son has one and loves it. Please don’t rain on my parade and say that even electric cars cause pollution … I know that, but it’s a lot less. 

Anyone else seen the canals in Italy? You know, those romantic muddy-looking waters with boats floating up and down the channel. Not any more. The water is so clear you can see the bottom, and the schools of fish. The water reminds me of Key West waters. It’s amazing! We can see dolphins swimming up and down the channels, interacting with people on the sides of the canal. 


I don’t care what the reason, this is an awesome thing. I’m appalled that in a country as well-off as ours, we have anyone living on the streets. Yes, many of them need help. They might need counseling for mental health issues, treatment for drug addiction, etc. Now they are getting the help, and a place to stay. 

Let’s not let this go away when this virus is brought under control. 


I don’t have any official statistics on this, but I have heard stories from medical people in the hospitals. They aren’t seeing the same number of accident victims presenting to the E.R.’s. Fewer cars, fewer people on the roads equals fewer accidents.

I will take it. It’s a great thought. Somebody’s life has been saved even though they will never even know. 


Story after story of neighbors helping neighbors, running errands, singing from their balconies in Italy, performing essential services for free, and so it goes on and on. 

Share good stories you know of or have heard of in your community or your country with me in your review. I’d love to hear them.

That’s my upbeat feeling good about humanity blog for today. Please stay home if you can and stay safe. If you have to work, like me, stay at least 10 feet away from other people. 

Remember, we’re all in this together!

We the people of Planet Earth can outsmart this virus.

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