Did You Ever Know You’re My Hero?

I Didn’t Sign Up For This
A Covid-19 Blog 
Chapter 6
Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero?

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.
William Shakespeare.

Thought for the day: Stay Home. Save A Doctor.

This morning, I read a post on Twitter by a young doctor, David Zodda, MD (@DavidZodda). He said, “I intubated a colleague today, a young, healthy E.R. doctor, like me…”

His tweet is worth reading, especially if you still believe this virus only targets or kills old people.

I cried when I read it. I feel particularly connected to the medical community. From 1978 to 1980 I was a student nurse at The Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia. From 1981 to 1995, I worked as an R. N. in South Australia and Canberra, Australia. When I had children, I went to relief agency work. My favorite places to work were the Intensive Care Unit, (I.C.U.), the Burns Unit and the E.R. I worked with many wonderful, dedicated doctors and nurses. I also met a lot of fabulous people who were either patients or the family of patients.

When I moved back to the United States in 1995, personal circumstances prevented me from transferring my registration to the U.S.A. when I suddenly found myself a single parent to four young children. So instead I went into the field of working with the mentally handicapped. I’m now called a Direct Support Professional, C.M.A.; fancy terms for someone who works in the homes of disabled people and helps them with their daily needs, and can pass their medications. 

When this virus began spreading through our country, every part of me wanted to leave my job, run home and stay there until the threat passes. It’s the survival instinct in all of us to stay away from danger. Except I can’t abandon the five people in this home who need me. There isn’t anybody else who can take my place. We’re already short-staffed and working overtime. 

I can only imagine how these doctors and nurses feel. Every day they go to work, they risk their own lives and the lives of those they love. Yet, they still go to work. Along with the respiratory therapists, the x-ray and lab techs, and the orderlies.

The medical community all over the world is fighting to save our lives, and their own.

They are already becoming overwhelmed. The cases here in the U.S.A. are skyrocketing.

Please stay home if you can. If you can’t stay at least six feet away from every other person you come across. Wash your hands. Wipe down any surfaces you touch.

Please help them out by not becoming the next victim of Covid-19. 

I dedicate this blog to all the heroes working on the front lines to save lives.

To all the Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Respiratory Therapists, Medical techs, Scientists, and Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

Give them a shout out on social media. 

Let them know how much we appreciate them. 

If you want to know what I think of our medical community, and those all over this world, listen to this song.

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