Julu – Book One in the Julu Series

There is a magical land just beyond our imaginations called Jirvania; where stories grow. Muse faeries gather ripened “story-pearls” and carry them to writers, musicians, and poets here in our world. In the heart of Jirvania stands The Great Library, where every story is collected by the library’s guardian, Karel. This library is a portal to other times and places where one can step into stories and experience them first hand. Homework has never been such fun.

When eleven-year-old Jack Lemoine finds an opal dragon egg in Mystic, Connecticut, he discovers the real world is not what he thought. 
Dragons, unicorns, faeries, centaurs, and countless others do exist. Unfortunately, so do witches, ogres, goblins, and monsters, and they want Jack dead, yesterday.

It has been prophesied he will one day save Jirvania, with the help of a magical opal dragon, Julu, but evil disrupts time itself, leading to the annihilation of Jirvania, seven years before Jack comes of age. Imagination ceases to exist. Libraries, art galleries, concert halls, and theme parks vanish. Our lives become meaningless and empty.

Jirvania’s lone survivor, Karel receives a visitor from the stars, urging him to change the story. But Karel has a terrible secret he is too ashamed to reveal and he is certain there is no way the story can be changed.

Meanwhile, back in Mystic, Jack and his friend, Mia are thrown into a fantastical adventure when Julu hatches and takes them back in time to protect them. 
Through her stories, they learn that family, friendship, and love are the threads that bind us together, no matter who or what we are and hope is often found in the most unexpected places. 

The evil ones close in as they continue their relentless search. Jack and Mia must figure out how to help Karel change his mind, and the story in time to save our imaginations.